Tuesday, June 19, 2007


hand painted covers

Shokuhn is this mini comic i got in Berlin for 1 euro each.
To my surprise the first one is in German, the second one is in English.
Which isn't a bad thing, I can use the English one to get to know the characters and understand the plot, the German one to learn some easy German words.

I'm transitioning from one place to another, so my books are in boxes. These mini comics will just have to do...


20.10 said...

this comic looks fun to look at. big fan of the ultra-unnecessarily wide fingers

Don Toraneko said...

and Thanks for the nice review. I'm the Author of this Comic and I found this article by accident(checking my Googleranks!^^)
Your Blog is very interesting. You find many interesting locations and magazines e.g.
I like to point to the fakt: There is a german and an english version available. Meaning: Every version has two parts right now. (german version is red cover, and english version is orange.)I sell them only in the Renate-comiclibrary or on Conventions so certainly the missing parts were sold out at that time. But I make reprints every three months, just in case.
There's a third part available soon . If you like to know more, there is a website (german)too:
This is not supposed to be spam. I hope you understand that.