Monday, June 18, 2007

Fruitful Monday

Avanti Cafe
259 E. 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA

I can tell the woman who owns this place loves to
cook delicious vegetarian and vegan food for people.

We came in and she introduced us to her little cafe and allowed us to try some sides
with a metal spoon. I'm pointing out the metal spoon because instead of using plastic spoons
which increases non-biodegradable waste, she can just wash it and use it again. Even their napkins look eco-friendly (I've never seen napkin fibers like those). We ordered three "top-self" sides, one Avanti Magic Bruschetta (two organic scrambled egs, fresh vegetables, olives, baby greens, ricotta and Avanti cheese blend, nuts and severed on Avanti housemade toast), one edamame quiche with fresh greens and cashews, and two green tea sodas.

I left feeling fresh and full. Didn't get to try their desserts, gotta go back next time...

Got these at "Classy Seconds" thrift store for 10 bucks.
Most importantly, they fit!
Chris knows how many pairs of shoes I bought that do not fit well.


20.10 said...

excellent documentation! is it worthy of LA food tour 3?

V.W.L. said...

those shoes are adorable! I also have a hard time finding shoes (both vintage and new) because apparently it's too much trouble to make shoes smaller than sz 36! bah.

heres the plan said...

i miss you!

Walter Wu said...

I want to eat there this weekend!

heres the plan said...

i didnt know walter wu was such a popular name.