Friday, June 22, 2007

A Year in Japan

A Year in Japan
Kate T. Williamson
Princeton Architectural Press, 2006
190 pages

Through drawings and little notes, Kate leads us through a poetic journey of observations and lessons in Japan.

I saw this at Book Soup when they were closing down and knew it would be the perfect gift for my sister. She will be studying for a year in Japan, starting July 1st.

  1. Friday, Long Beach- Matt and Sarah's wedding
  2. Saturday, Berkeley- EAP Sweden reunion
  3. Sunday-Wed, Washington D.C. for Campus Progress award
So no new posts till thursday!


heres the plan said...

i love the section on tofu. really a charming book.. youre a really thoughtful and intuitive gift giver, im thinking now of all the amazing, perfect, unexpected gifts ive gotten from you! :O

see you sunday. who's going to get to the airport last? you or me?

Jessica said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, I love my new shoes sso much I couldn't help but wear them today.

I love the little socks!

V.W.L. said...

ooh I'm curious to hear more about this tree torture project of yours. message me!! My brother says I have too many plants. I like this book, I'm visiting japan in august and it's always nice accumulating little japanese trinkets you know you wouldn't get anywhere else. :)

20.10 said...

i'm so psyched for you! congrats! there's a fairly large ethiopian population in DC. i'm not sure how big it is compared to LA's "little ethiopa." 3 recommended spots i have on my list here are Etete, Dukem, and Roha (Etete is perhaps the most highly praised ethiopian out of the last 2). there's a chance that we may stop by one of these 3 spots for ethiopian in DC sometime this summer. so try to go if you have the chance!

1942 Ninth St., NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 232-7600

Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant
1118 U St NW @ N 11th/N 12th St
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 667-8735

Roha Ethiopian Restaurant
1212 U Street
Washington, DC 20050
(202) 462-1212

Lynrei said...

this book is too cute for words. if only i ever published my travel journals - perhaps it would look as charming as this?