Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lomo Camera-Diana

"Back in the 1960’s, a small firm in Hong Kong – the Great Wall Plastics Factory – created a dirt-cheap 120 camera called the “Diana.” Crafted entirely of plastic, each camera cost about a dollar. As a mainstream product, the Diana was pretty much a failure – and was discontinued in the 1970’s."


V.W.L. said...

this camera looks rad..thanks for posting about it! So it looks like they're reissuing it, are you going to buy it? I am about to purchase a Canon Digital Rebel XTi..eeek! so i won't be buying anything else for awhile.

causeforchange said...

You lost your camera, but you have found something better. It's even named after you! I am sorry your purse is gone. I think I had a horrible nightmare about that once.

meebo said...

maybe this is how come youve had such bad luck with all your cameras... the di curse. :( dun dun dunnnn!

whats the new camera youre shooting with?