Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Made with love from Hawaii

My dear friend Julianne Meebo Hing sent this "postcard" to me from her family vacation in Hawaii. It was such a delight to open. She made the envelope using the cover of a Japanese magazine based in Hawaii. We know that many Japanese Americans live in Hawaii but tons of Japanese tourist can also be found on the island. There is this whole sub-culture of Japanese tourist magazines, guides, shops, events all catered to them. This letter/package she sent to me started off as a postcard, then expanded to this three-page notes on life, packed neatly with annotated tear-sheets of the tourist magazine, a pirate's map of where to find best wedding loot, and a menu with a post-it noting the spelling of "shave ice" (vs. shaved ice).

This is love from one magazine lover to another.

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