Friday, January 30, 2009

Elkekatitio Zine

Rarely do you see such a beautifully crafted silk screened zine. Elkekatitio mixes zine making with print making and makes it intricate, crazy and enticing. It has splashy neon paper overlapped with detailed drawings. It uses different kinds of paper, from velum to yellow pads to grids. It is no surprise that the artist, Molly Colleen O'Connell, graduated with a degree in printmaking. Every page is filled with intricate drawings layered with laser printed pictures, silk screened sqiggles, and cut/paste collages. She screens bright colors to accent little things like socks. On one page she organizes decorative embellishments (stamps from photoshop) into a triangle and then screen prints a barely readable milky yellow text on top the orange paper. If you follow the text closely you can make out words like "No! No!" and "then where's your belly top" and "butt - butt." The hidden messages and little details like that keeps it from being boring. Her fanciful illustrations have movement and when produced with such care, it is truly a little book with big surprises.

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Tamara G said...

Ooh I love that! The vellum pages and color combinations are awesome. I just found your blog and you've got some great finds.