Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Players:
Sarah "the Killa from Wazilla" Palin
Joe "Foot in the Mouth" Biden
Jimmy "The Georgia Cyclone" Carter
Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove
John "Nature Boy" Edwards
Scooter "Pardon Me Baby" Libby
Fred "The Butcher" Thompson
Geraldo "I'll Break Your Leg" Rivera
Gen Wes "Captain Krunch" Clark
Wolf "The Cannibal" Blitzer
Larry "Twinkle Toes" Craig
Elliot "The Go-Go Gorilla" Spitzer
William "Cold Cash" Jefferson
Jack "Cut Me Some Slack" Abermoff
John "Whatever" Kerry
Denny "Mr. Excitement" Hastert
Mike "Fuggedaboutit" Dukakis
Ann "Queen of Mean" Coulter
Dennis "The Impeacher" Kucinich
Brittany "I Voat 4 Kickin' Some Asses!" Spears
Dr. "You're A Damn Loser" Phil
Paris "I'm Like Already President, What?" Hilton

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