Friday, September 5, 2008

Megawords Magazine

Megawords Magazine's store front

The Megawords storefront project and exhibition will include a month-long period of intense activity including permanent and rotating installations, guest speakers, musical performances, workshops and film screenings.

More about Megawords:
Megawords Magazine is an experimental non-commercial magazine founded in 2005 by Anthony Smyrski and Dan Murphy. The magazine's mission is the exploration of the modern urban environment and the establishment of an open and active dialogue between the magazine and the community at large.

These ends were initially pursued through the mediums of print and photography. However in the recent months the scope of the project has expanded to include video, sound, and text, as well as the second tier of the project: Megawords Radio. The weekly online radio show has featured various musicians and DJ's from around the country, and has grown to become a vital part of the Megawords repetoire. This expansion into various media formats has allowed the Megawords project to take a greater role in the contemporary media sphere, and to more directly engage its local neighbors and the global community.

Megawords continues to publish a printed magazine twice a year, organize events and concerts, and broadcast a radio show every Thursday night.

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