Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Page Magazine- and their logos

a simple design concept that forces you to think
about the branding and advertising that is associated with each magazine.
The designer, Joseph Ernst
(guessing from his email: josephernst@hotmail.com) eliminates
all editorial content and keeps the corporate logos positioned exactly as it appears in the magazine.

National Geographic,
dated March 2007, contains 25 pages of advertising.

dated August 7 2007, contains 60 pages of advertising.

French Vogue,
dated March 2007, contains 236 pages of advertising.

Wired Magazine,
dated February 2007, contains 67 pages of advertising.

The Economist
dated 4-10 August 2007, contains 18 pages.

All for sale in signed and non-signed editions of 50


H+ said...

lol, i like how vogue is 58% advertising.

meebo said...

oh i like this very much. i feel i put on x-ray vision glasses! ooOoooOoo.