Sunday, January 20, 2008

Glimpse - Journals

Lart Cognac Berliner's 3-in-1 notebook
delicate and complex illustrations with areas for list-making, drawing and notetaking.
each paper doubles as origami paper

always been a fan Jill Bliss journals- Sealines notebook has hand-drawn ocean waves as lines

Grid-it! Notepads
notepads for different purposes; designing typography, architecture, magazine layout, books, and newspapers.
Each pad is designed by a different artist, here is a description for Die Neue Typographie:
" Die neue Typographie is one of the most important typography books of the 20th century. It analyzed typographic design, attempted to systemize the 'new typography, and advocated asymmetric composition with negative space and leading as important elements to the underlying structure.
The premise of this asymmetric approach
was that a document, page, or section were
a whole and should have the balances and counterbalances of the textual blocks worked out rather than left to the hazards of space and the chance combinations of display faces. By using sans serif type that stripped the letter forms down to their basic, elemental shapes, and dividing the texts into functional parts, Tschichold streamlined the look of the pieces he designed. "

5 Year Diary
cloth bound published by The Ice Plant.

Start Here -linkable journals
suck u.k. notebook + pencil

Field Notes, image via lifehacker

McSweeney's Circus Journal with the occasional hand-scripted quotes by the Dolly Parton


Coincidence Uno said...

those are some cool journals.

20.10 said...

yeah absolutely. very cool stuff

johnpvee said...

i dig the linkable journal, but i like the paper in my moleskine too much to part ways. it was nice to see you again at the cross. =) come by and meet izzy sometime.

kara said...

so paper and journal obsessed. esp grids - my rhodias are so comfy.