Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colors, issue 72 Blindness

embossed, title in brail
audio cd

Colors Magazine, issue 72, Blindness
Each issue is bilingual in either English/Spanish, English/Italian, English/French

One of the best magazines out there.
thoughtful themes, executed well
excellent photography, good brief articles

Check out their past issues.

Sponsored by Benetton Group (United Colors of Benetton) designed by
Fabrica (Benetton's communication/design grou[)


Closet Cupcake said...

I love Colors! Such interesting articles and photographs. Used to subscribe to it a long long time ago.

Narinda said...

That is beautiful.

Saxon said...

Colors has definitely been through some changes over the years. I feel that there was a short while when I felt they were becoming a bit too commercialized. However, they seem to be getting back on track and this issue is a perfect example.