Sunday, January 13, 2008


the theme for this issue is body

looks like paul mccarthy's work, i'll have to read the chinese to confirm

body massages

these shirts are playful because it incorporates zhuyin
(a phonetic system for learning chinese) and illustrates simple phrases that children/beginners
are taught when they are first introduced to zhuyin.
I like how the only products featured in the zine, are Booday's collection of tees, wallets, chopstick holders and bags. The designs have a local flavor not merely a rip-off of US/Japanese styles like so many things in Taiwan.

Booday is also a design firm. Surprise!

I was really excited to find Booday magazine in Hua Lien.
Booday is a small independent saddle stitch magazine based in Taipei. It features a decent amount of local and international indie music, contemporary dance, photography. As for the articles, my reading comprehension is not good enough to judge their content.

chinese website (with more content and pictures), website with english


Coincidence Uno said...

so down with that body massage sequence.

Diane said...

magazine trade!