Friday, October 5, 2007

Super Super Magazine

Will from the UK was at the Neon F.U.C party

Super Super Magazine from the UK
Super Super is the printed embodiment of the New Rave/New Wave culture started is the UK and now spreading to global cities. While Jeggi wrote about the Klaxons and the emerging scene in the last issue of Jaded, I was quite detached from this culture. Berlin doesnt quite have an audience for this yet, it is a poor gray city with poor natives. But precisely because of Berlin's location in the middle of Europe and the affordability factor, it will soon be the major breeding ground for this culture. London as we know is one of the most expensive places especially for non-working outrageous money-dropping party people. In comparison Berlin is a paradise.

Beyond outrageous color combos and excessive accessories there lies a treasure chest of keytar cords, synth beats, punk inspired vocals, all-nonsense rap, and radical dance moves. Without a doubt the bands and artists are performers and entertainers. Music, fashion and theater all go hand in hand. It is really exciting because the music and fashion signifie a bold and creative movement with all its contradictions. Recycled juice box necklaces to $200 sneakers.

The electro trash movement is not just all garbage. Last night I saw a phenomenal band from New Zeland (Welfe's friends) called So So Modern that are currently on an European tour and did a US tour in this past spring (including SXSW). They been together for three years and have refined their sound and energy to include thoughtful synth combos with three keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, the occasional keytar and tambourines, indecipherable punk vocals, and perfectly-timed body jerks and fancy footworks. But they are of course incomplete without their minimalist all white hoodies and sweatpants.


Anonymous said...

I have received email regarding art that is available through your magazine by Paul McCartney. Is this a true offering and can you give any details of the origin and how it is related to your magazine?

Anonymous said...

Issue #11 has a 6 page article relating too artwork by Paul McCartney.
I ordered three of these magazines on March 28, 2008
have not received my order... emailed super super three times but "No Reply" a little aggravated at the moment..
Keep reading where the magazine is a must have...
guess I'll be disputing that $66.00

Anonymous said...

did you really write that about berlin?

A poor gray city with poor culture? And you're based in LA... What do you know?

xenia said...

Have you actually set foot into Berlin? Gray weather yes, but that's it!