Friday, October 26, 2007

Etc. Publications

Etc. Publications- Peace
"Issues that matter"
4 euros
42cm x 59cm for one page
(16.5 inches x 23 inches)

Etc. introduces a new way to think about magazine design. First, it is printed on really nice (white and smooth) oversized newsprint paper. Newsprint is nice because it is cheap and disposable. The reality of publications is that, unlike books, they have a shorter lifespan and often times are disposed. The editorial design is not constrained by the natural borders formed by folding a newspaper. The design utilizes the full sheet of the paper, sometimes going off the pages and other times using mundane cyan blocs. Most aspiring student publications may view having one spot color as a visual disadvantage, but with Etc's creativity it made its publication classy and modern. But most importantly, it do not overuse their spot coloring.

based in Berlin made by artists/graphic designs/curators;
Nicolas Bourquin, Sven Ehmann, Krystian Woznicki

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meebo said...

must be so great to read/hold in real life.

love your sad posts :D