Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bermuda Pantaloons

security envelopes

Bermuda Pantaloon
by evah fan
built in april, 2007
(currently, my favorite book of all times. it is much more fun to experience the book in person)

bought this from Printed Matter in NY
i have to say i was a bit overwhelmed. i've never been with so many great books and zines at one time.

my flatmate on his spiffy bike. 30 euros

example of great public programming
Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt
(House of World Cultures)
a government institution

this year the theme is "New York States of Mind"
two months of films, talks, concerts, performances

so diverse in content, people, and perspectives. lots of recognized and up and coming artists.

living room performances

a special section on usAsia showing The Wedding Banquet by Ang Lee, Eat a Bowl of Tea by Wayne Wang, talk and exhibition with Nikki S. Lee (!).

wow, Asian American representation in Berlin via NY.

this is amazing.

Berlin vs. New York
cant decide? click here.

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20.10 said...

random memory: remember seeing that guy on the bike who like did a wheelie for the entire block? it was around the time you showed us the bermuda pantaloons. hahahahahaa classic.