Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jimmy Spa

Jimmy Spa
Left Turn, Right Turn.

I would say Mr. Spa is the contemporary Taiwanese counterpart to
Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are).
He has published 18 books ranging from sad clowns to cats.
His most famous story is about a blind little girl that explores
the MRT (Taiwan subway system) by herself.


20.10 said...

i find the pictures, alone, very intriguing. i can almost imagine what type of soundtrack would accompany such beautiful images. definitely soft plucking of guitar strings (almost bossa nova-like), and melodic cellos in the background...

V.W.L. said...

I can't stop looking at the cover of this book. the shapes, the shapes! I have a feeling you would love book-by-its-cover.com, it's one of the few sites I frequent daily.

ps glad you've joined the blogging world, yay! I haven't seen you in foreverrr. D:

heres the plan said...

is he really a children's book illustrator? this one seems to be such a quiet reflection about isolation and love... do the two eventually meet? how does the story end!

heres the plan said...

so weird. i cant use my own gmail account. well i think you know who this is anyway..

Diane said...


I love this!

Lynrei said...

i love jimmy spa!
have you seen the movies based on his books? also visually appealing, at least turn left, turn right more so than the other story of the girl on the subway.

i just got a wallet of his design in HK while at sogo - i haven't finished collecting his toys though. they are so much harder to find these days!

ellen c. said...

Jimmy Liao's books are not just for kids. Since A Chance of Sunshine (the book shown here translated in english) has touched you, try his other books like The Sound of Colors. It might be full of whimsy but it certainly thugs a heart string or two. Unfornately his website Jimmy Spa is under renovation now. I am looking for the characters, i wanted to get the figures.