Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great Leap Forward

farming population conversion

"Unity/Disunity" ending with the green box, utopia of golf.

Great Leap Forward
Published by Taschen, 2001
This is the first book of the series, "Project on the City"
by Harvard Design School
(721 pages)

I can't even begin to gush about this book/tome.
This is the future of academic research and book design.
Interesting, rigorous, and relevant research on urban planning and politics in
five major districts in China with tons of visual aid.

The table of contents is organized as follows:
Introduction, chronology, ideology, architecture, money, landscape, policy, infrastructure and glossary.

They also answer every question you can possibly have about development in China (except about the Olympics). For example they have an essay titled, "The industrial park: public/private partnerships in a socialist market economy."

This book project is by the graduate students at Harvard studying Urban Planning and Design.
Their second book is about shopping (!) and it is called
Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping. They basically investigate the impact of shopping on the city in, you know, 800 pages or less.


20.10 said...

when will they publish a guide about....FOOD!

lynrei said...

diana! i have this book too. i love it! i buy all these books from green apple and i cant wait to display it all out one day!